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960H is an analog technology for CCD image sensors. 960H represents the number of horizontal pixels in the CCD sensor and is the highest resolution available to analog CCTV. It provides a 30% increase in resolution compared with D1 which allows DVR's and cameras to capture a high resolution upto 700TVL.

A 960H DVR must be used with a 960H camera to realise the higher resolution. The DVR records larger images, providing a greater amount of image detail.

Since 960H creates a wide-screen picture by default the image does not need to be stretched in order to fit wide-screen TV's and monitors.

Some of the key points of 960H;

- An increase in the number of pixels by upto nearly 30%

- 700TVL highest resolution currently available in analog

- Backward compatible with D1 DVR's and cameras

- Easily replaces existing analog installations

- Cost increase is minimal(5% to 10%)

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